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reports have indicated the white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, will step down, to run for mayor of chicago. fox has learned the official announcement could happen this friday. a source close to rahm emanuel says family considerations are the only hurdle left. of course rahm moved from chicago to washington after the 2008 election. he has he young kids in school in washington, dc. a run for mayor means moving the family back to chicago which is infer easy especially during the school year. and now like from the white house with the latest on how it affects the decisionmaking. >>reporter: you said it: rahm emanuel just moved the family here from washington, dc, moving the kids out of the schools they attempted in chicago since being a member of congress. for him to run for mayor would be moving them back, probably by christmas. and they might have to find a new house because the one he occupies has now been represented out. the past week or so rahm emanuel has met with other chicago politicians considering a run for mayor including self members of congress, jackson, and the man t
to vote. >> it's just too bad we didn't have that kind of conversation coming from rahm emanuel and other leaders in the white house to protect the president when we were fighting for health care in this country. but here we are. the liberals in this country, the dedicated base, have been frustrated that there wasn't enough fight. now, there's all this talk about rahm emanuel leaving. fine. i didn't vote for emanuel, did you? i voted for change. i voted for somebody who was going to get in there and fight. and right now saying that it's the conservative media, that that's really our problem, no, it's not. our problem is that the white house has not convinced liberals, the base in this country that put them in office, that they could be trusted. that after the november election, after the mid-terms, that they will turn around and tell the republican party to take a hike. that would motivate the base. if the democrats are worried about turnout, what the democrats need to do is say it's going to be a new day dawning in dealing with republicans when we keep the majority, and this is what we'r
chief of staff. rahm emanuel is polis to leave his job to run for the mayor of chicago. an official announcement could come as soon as friday. >>> parents and teachers are responding to president obama bush's blunt criticism of d.c. public schools. >> the d.c. public school system is struggling. >> mr. obama told nbc yesterday that his daughters could not get the same quality education at a public school that they could get their private school. some said they agree with the president's assessment but the schools are headed in the right direction. >> there's also a lot of potential in the school system and a lot of room for hope. >> others believe michelle rhee's approach is not working. they also say parents should push for the same quality of education the president's daughters are getting. >>> we turn to campaign 2010. president obama is hitting the campaign trail. he's covering four states try to help democrats old on to their majorities in congress. for demolition it joins us with details. what is the president's strategy for district? this trip?distri >> when he was a candidat
administration drew the same conclusion in an op-ed. >> whether we are talking about rahm emanuel or peter orszag, the fact is, the omb director supported these policies and tax cuts. now he writes about it in the new york times, which calls for a temporary extension of the tax cuts to the rich. [inaudible] >> this is something where the president can draw a line. he has veto power. he can decide whether he wants to extend the tax cuts for the rich for a year or something like that, or not. the best thing would be to plow it back. those people making less than $200,000. i will veto anything that does not do that. >> george stephanopoulos tried to nail him down, but he said he would not veto it. >> it could pass the house. probably with a tough vote, you could pass the house, saying let's limit the tax cuts to those earning more than $250,000. but the house will not cast a single vote if the senate is not going to act. the only way the senate does something is if the president says, i will need to know, this is the issue, this is the difference between us. he cannot give one interview and then wal
's long time political mayor, richard daley will leave office next year and rahm emanuel is angling to replace him. a lot of big names there. i want to begin tonight with a man you probably don't know but with whom you might have a lot in common. al quincell owns a blue-collar barber shop here in colly you um bus. he remembers casting a vote for dwight eisenhower. he's living in a state with double-digit unemployment. he talks of his frustration, the politicians in washington of both parties he says act like children. he worries a way of life is slipping away. >> you are sort of raised with the idea that the american dream is we'll always do better than our parents. and our kids will do better than us. >> those days are gone. >> they're gone? >> why do you think that? >> yeah. you keep going back to the diop situation, you keep working, dream, house, picket house. you've got to have work here. jobs that they are producing, our congressmen -- the jobs they are producing don't pay no money. >> the president will be here in ohio tomorrow, trying to convince al quincel and americans lik
you. some developing news. cnn reporting at this hour that white house adviser rahm emanuel will likely leave his post in the obama administration next month to run for mayor of chicago. two sources close to emanuel say he has not made a firm decision about running for mayor. he has all but decided to take the plunge. emanuel has been busy meeting with other potential candidates for chicago's top job. he met with congressman jesse jackson, jr., last week to discuss their mutual interest in running for mayor of chicago. now emanuel has plans to meet with two other potential candidates. alderman thomas tunney says emanuel called him friday. tunney whose name was mentioned as a possible mayoral candidate. the city's currently openly gay alerman. tunney says he is focused on running for re-election to the city council right now. and congressman mike quigley is flying to d.c. today to meet with emanuel later this afternoon. quickly currently holds fifth congressional district seat. emanuel gave up to become president obama's chief of staff and quigley has said that he, too is con
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it is next in the grapevine and he may end up running for mayor of chicago, but rahm emanuel chicago, but rahm emanuel can't seem to get back i got an egg [pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener ear plugs [pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day. >> and now some fresh figures on the political grapevine. burton poresponded to a question about rahm emanuel running for mayor of chicago. there's going to be a decision pretty soon, but right now rahm is making sure that the white house is run in the most effective way possible for the american people and emanuel may have a hard time moving back into his home in chicago if and when he decides to run for mayor. the chicago sun times reports the tenant living in emanuel's north side home has refused to budge. just six days before mayor daley announced his retirement, the tenant extended from december 1st of this year to june 2011 and the report suggests that emoon mule will not have a problem with re
. >>> plus, rahm emanuel for mayor? developing news for a possible exit strategy for the white house chief of staff. at least he'll have a job if he quits after a democratic massacre in november. also, jumping the shark. the man who wrote the notorious sitcom in u.s. history, or episode i should say, defends what he did with the fawns. maybe she's right. the show starts right now. well, apparently the president thinks if we keep printing money we don't have, ignore the ongoing extraction that's plaguing our country, eventually the economy will turn around. forget fixing the system that keeps all the capital with the select few who gamble it or incentivize those with capital to take it out of the country? why would you do that? call it free trade. the president's latest proposal, i should say, a spending tree of $50 on new infrastructure spending. now that we don't need the infrastructure, it's interesting to spend the money we don't have while you leave a giant hole in the bucket seeping out of the country. the president's plan to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads, 4,000 miles of rail line. c
white house insider exposes rahm emanuel's contempt for unions? the guy who used the f word to describe progressives apparently used the same kind of language towards the autoworkers. an expert on the obama administration recently told me, hey, rahm's not the big bad wolf. i'll ask him what he thinks now. that's all coming up. >>> this is the story that has me fired up tonight. democrats i think you need to get engaged right now. signs don't look very good. if you don't, in two months time, john bane ser going to be trying to find room for the speaker's gavel in his golf bag. michele bachmann is going to be doing everything to impeach, that's right, impeach the president of the united states and republicans, of course, are saying they're going to shut down the government. if you don't believe me, just listen to bush boot lick ser dick morris. >> i predict there will be a government shutdown again. i predict the branches will be at logger heads and the outcome of the 2012 election will hinge on who wins that battle of chicken. >> what a toe sucker. morris isn't the only one pushing the r
rahm emanuel. what can you tell us about that? >> chicago mayor richard daley announced he will not seek re-election next year and cited personal reasons. his wife battled cancer for a number of years and white house chief of staff rahm emanuel's phone immediately lit up. emanuel said last april being chicago's mayor has always been an aspiration of mine even in the house of representatives. today, emanuel praised daley but said nothing about running but some of the associates say everyone was caught by surprise by the announcement. chief of staff generally serve two or three years before burning out. it's a tremendously demanding position. emanuel would be a strong candidate. he was elected for congressional district four times. the filing deadline is three weeks after an election that may change the balance of power in washington. no one will be surprised if emanuel tosses his hat in the race. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. obama administration today launched a program designed to assist homeowners who owe more on their property than their homes
of us in washington, when will rahm emanuel do? the president's chief of staff made no secret that he would like to be the mayor. can he do it? >> probably, but it will not be a cakewalk. lots of people will be running. he has not left a lot of friends outside of his immediate inner circle at the white house. he has managed to take off taketick off -- tick off more people, and has needlessly and gratuitously, hurt many people. they will not forget that. >> unions, hispanics, you name it, he has not set them. >> i do not hear a lot of talk from the white house saying we cannot spare him. >> it would not have been a surprise if he left after the first term. chiefs of staff in a modern warehouse do not last that long. it is an enormously high pressure job. for him and others to retire at the end of the first term would not have been a surprise. now with this opportunity, something that he has personally wanted for a long time, betting cards are that he is gone and is serving out the last of his term. >> if you are in better capitalist, you never knew the mayor other than somebody named r
administration drew the same conclusion. >> whether we are talking about rahm emanuel or peter orszag, [inaudible] the rights and in "the new york times" calling for an extension of the tax cuts that the rich has. >> this is something that the president can draw a line on. he does have a veto power. he can decide whether or not to extend the tax cuts for the rich for a year or something like that, or not. it seems to me the best thing to do would be to pull it back for those people who make less than $200,000, and will veto anything that does not help them. >> george stephanopoulos tried to nail him down on that question, but he said he would not necessarily veto. >> with a tough vote, you could pass the house, not to limit the tax cuts to those earning less than $250,000. but the house is not going to cast a single vote if the senate is not going to act. the president will have to say, if this is the issue, i will veto. he cannot give one interview and then walk away from the issue. >> the same problem with the healthcare bill. there are some democrats who are backing away from the idea. >> they
. >> chief of staff rahm emanuel on an interview. that looks like he is going and larry summers is also going. david axelrod will probably stick around until spring. what else is going on? >> when yogi berra was told that the mayor of ireland was jewish, he said only in america. [laughter] the manual dynasty, i like the ring of that. >> these jobs in the white house these days were always hard but now they are harder because you never stop. you always have your blackberry. if you know any of these people or other people, they are utterly and exhausted. there were exhausted during the campaign before that. >> what about the national security team. >> > i thin there will be shakeups there. there is some question about donovan taking over as national security adviser. there is usually a change that takes place. president obama has an inner circle and he does not trust outsiders. if he does not open up that circle, >> it is the same problem bush had. >>donelin talked about -- was talked about to replace rahm emanuel but he is waiting to replace robert gates. the effect will be to bring that circl
for a new right-hand man. the white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, could decide by the end of the week to leave the administration. emanuel is expected to step down to run for mayor of chicago. but he doesn't have long to make a decision. emanuel has only until november 22nd to file for the primary. tara mergener is in washington with the latest. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, betty. well, the white house cautions that no final decision has been made yet. but, a source close to emanuel tells cbs news that an announcement could come as early as friday. emanuel has reportedly told colleagues he is all but certain to leave to run for the mayor of chicago. earlier this year he told charlie rose that office held a special place in his heart. >> always been an aspiration of mine, even when i was in the house of representatives. >> mayor of chicago? >> yes. the one thing, if you ask me what i miss, i miss the contact with constituents. >> reporter: at the time, the job was filled by longtime incumbent richard daley. but he announced earlier this month he will not run for a sev
of representatives. >> chief of staff rahm emanuel in an interview some time ago. it looks like he is going and larry summers is going. david axelrod will stick around until spring . >> what a sad when he was told that the mayor of ireland was jewish, he said only in america. [laughter] tthe emanuel dynasty, i like the sound of that. these jobs in the white house these days -- they were always harder because you never stop. you always have your blackberry. >> there is no getting away from the media. if you know any of these people or other people, the white house is utterly and exhausted. in the campaign before that, it was another two years and they were utterly exhausted. >> what about the national security team? >> there will be shakeups. i think general john's will lead -- general jones will probably lead as national security adviser. there is also opposition. after two years,there is usually a change that takes place. it concerns me is that president obama has an inner circle and he does not trust outsiders if he can open up that circle -- >> it is the same problem that george bush had. >>odonne
. christina roma was next. the white house is also expecting rahm emanuel to leave the use to run for mayor of chicago. >> if rahm emanuel leaves, he will be the fourth of president obama's closest advisers to have left since july. question, after 20 months, is this presidential staff turnover normal? pat buchanan. >> this is not terribly unusual if you have a presidency in trouble. john, when you came into the white house, '71, john connolly came in, dave kennedy was out. nixon closed the goal window, let the dollar flow. he sent arthur burns to the federal reserve. they gunned the money supply to $23 billion deficits. that was enormously dramatic in terms of a change. this is nothing like that. rahm is going out there because there's an opening for mayor's office and secondly, because he has been hammered and had a bad time. but i don't think this is extraordinarily unusual. i don't see any signs of panic here. >> a vietnam war on his hands. >> nixon, our election was disappointing and he took that big move. john connolly was lyndon johnson's man that had taken texas away from him. th
. richard? >> in his own backyard a change in the landscape there. rahm emanuel, we hear, could be stepping down on friday. who might replace him? what are you hearing? >> that is the latest parlor game in washington. our own savannah guthrie reported that friday could be the day when rahm emanuel decides to throw his hat in the ring to run for chicago mayor. a lot of speculation. most of it centered around a temporary replacement until after the elections. gentleman named pete rouse is often mentioned. we don't know, richard, exactly how it is going to play out. we don't know whether rahm emanuel will make that announcement on friday, but right now a very strong possibility that he will. >> mike viqueira, thank you very much in new mexico for us. >>> to one of the stories we're following all this week. one of the critical issues facing the public education today. the growing number of students who quit school even before graduating. a child drops out of school every 11 seconds. that's right. five kids will drop out of school in the united states before we finish reading this guest introduc
? >>> the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is canceling a blame to chicago. a democratic official tells cnn he wanted to avoid a media firestorm as he ponders running for mayor. with me is congressman jesse jackson, jr. welcome. do you want to be the next mayor of chicago? >> i've not made that judgment, but it's an exciting time in chicago. mayor daley has done an extraordinary job. there's a lot of work that remains to be done in chicago. a lot of names have been bantered about. people are gearing up and looking forward to a spirited contest. >> one of the names that has been speculated as been the white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel. you know him quite well. he said a long time ago if mayor daley stepped aside, it would be interested in the job. this morning, he got what you could consider at least a quasi endorsement from somebody that's still popular. >> i think he would be an excellent mayor. he is an excellent chief of staff. i think right now, as long as he's in the white house, he is critically focused on making sure we're creating jobs for families around the country and rebu
. >>> and the top progressive group in this country calls rahm emanuel the cancer of the democratic party. the leader who said that joins me. plus jonathan alter predicts what's going to happen if rahm does bolt the white house. >>> this story has had he fired up. president obama went to john boehner's backyard and stuck it to the tan man seven different times in his speech today. here's the president in cleveland. >> there were no new policies from mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. to most of you, i'll bet this just seems like common sense. but not to mr. boehner and his allies. when mr. boehner was here in cleveland, he attacked us for closing a few of these loopholes. mr. boehner and the republicans in congress said no to these projects. fought them tooth and nail. mr. boehner has so far said no. to infrastructure. that's bad for america. so let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else. we should not hold middle-class tax cuts hostage any longer. when these same republicans including mr. boehner were in charge, the number of earmarks and pet projects went up, not down. >> is t
chief of staff rahm emanuel will officially step down tomorrow to run for mayor of chicago. the president is expected to announce ee manual's exit in the east room of the white house. president also gave something of a sendoff today to democratic congressional leaders. he met with them behind closed doors at the white house as lawmakers head home for the last big campaign push before the election. let's bring our senior congressional correspondent dana bash. dane a you have been speaking with some folks that were at that closed door meeting with the president. what have you learned? >> democratic congressional leaders used that strategy session at the white house today to press the president to be more aggressive in helping them campaign in the final weeks before november's elections. i'm told that house speaker nancy pelosi spoke up and said the congressional democrats really want to see him do more of the kind of rally he held in wisconsin this week where he amped up the rhetoric for democratic policies and against republicans especially when it comes to the issue of jobs
in the white house. a chief close to the white house says chief of staff rahm emanuel is poised to quit his job to run for mayor of chicago. that news could come as soon as friday. still to come, tea party power. and "dancing with the stars." plus controversial comments about the district's school system from president obama. first, more rain is on the way today. first, more rain is on the way today. adam has the latest watches and more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! >> welcome back, everybody. it is 4:39 on this early tuesday morning. we have the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we had a rainy, yucky day yesterday but we needed all of that rain. >> not good for the commute, i know, it causes problems but we need the moisture. and then there is a chance of what could be very, very heavy rainfall wednesday night and through the day thursday. that's another thing to keep in mind to be looking forward to. we have a flash flood watch in effect now. >> it is very m
the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel will say good-bye and head back to chicago where he's most likely to run for mayor. a lot more to come. please stay with us. >> make people's lives better. i haven't talked about the fact we made sure -- sure i'd like to diversify my workforce, i just wish that all of the important information was gathered together in one place. [ printer whirs ] done. ♪ thanks. do you work here? not yet. from tax info to debunking myths, the field guide to evolving your workforce has everything you need. download it now at thinkbeyondthelabel.com. of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. go introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula. colace capsules stool softener helps ease straining to make going easier. try colace capsules for effective comfortable relief from occasional constipation. find the relief that's right for you and get a $10 rebate at getconstipationrelief.com. >>> out there marching for the right to vo
. >>> and rahm emanuel is expected to run for the mayor of chicago. >> rahm emanuel reportedly said he's certain to leave to run for the mayor of chicago. earlier, he said that office held a special place in his heart. >> that's been a special aspiration of mine. >>> mayor of chicago? >> the one thing, if you ask me what i miss, that's the contact with constituents. >> at the time, the job was filled with daley. he won't run for another term. if he does resign, this man will feel the role of chief of staff and adviser and close friend, valerie jarred is another contender. we'll see what decision needs to be made. >> and family issues are the sticking point for rahm emanuel. his wife and children only recently moved to washington with the kids starting in an area school three weeks ago. bill clinton changed chief of staff four times during his presidency. this is not ideal though. the white house is readying a final push for the white house five weeks away and the president's approval ratings continue to sag. if rahm emanuel decides to run for mayor of chicago, he must act quickly. the filing dat
in the runup to election day. rahm emanuel is going to announce he's leaving the white house to run for mayor of chicago. >>> one of baltimore's own is receiving a genius grant. he won a $500,000 prize. the one time sun reporter created the show "the wire." he feels guilty for winning the award in this economy he said. >>> and when the ravens head to pittsburgh sunday. they could be without the top running back. ray rice is diagnosed with a right knee contusion and they're not certain if he'll be able to play. he suffered the injury this past sunday and an mri showed no ligament damage. with or without him, the ravens will try to cook up a win and you can see the game here on wjz-13 and the live coverage starts sunday at 1:00 and immediately after wards, we'll have the highlights an reactions from the post game. a full ravens day sunday. >>> it will be a good one there. >>> still to come, lawmakers are considering new rules designed to keep younger people safer behind the wheel. >>> and beckham, why one of the world's most recognizable athletes is suing a gossip magazine. >>> meteorologist be
years. chief of staff rahm emanuel could quit as alleged this week. this is coming just before the nov. midterms. john hendren reports from abc. >> the president's right-hand man has long dreamed of running the nation's second city. >> it has always been an aspiration of mind even when i was in the house of representatives. >> mayor richard daley is leaving the post, so the president will likely be looking for new cchief of staff to run the white house. >> running the city of chicago is a serious enterprise. he has not told me yet. as soon as he does, i am sure we will handle it. >> of hokie officers are leaving. david axelrod retires next year. then there's the obama economic team. larry summers is leaving. budget director peter orszag is gone. council of economic advisers chair christina romer is gone. >> the work that they do is difficult. they have been at it two years. >> only treasury secretary tim geithner remains and he is under fire. >> the economic team on the way out. >> five weeks before midterm elections. people are predicting big losses for democrats. the timing could not
neighborhoods. >>> and big question this hour, is white house chief of staff rahm emanuel really on his way out of d.c. going back to the windy city? >>> plus, a lion puts on an unexpected show in las vegas shocking its trainers and everyone watching at the casino. first, though, we want to update you on that breaking news story out of sacramento county, california, where a man believed to be armed was sitting inside of his car outside of a mcdonald's suspected of stealing this vehicle. you see him there in the white tank top. at some points we saw a pretty tense moment as police and authorities there surrounded that vehicle. the man had a gun in his hand and this is the scene where authorities rushed in arresting him. fahey laid down on the parking lot gravel there in the mcdonald's parking lot. this has ended and he's in custody under arrest. it was a tense standoff with an armed man who was wanted, possibly for the theft of a vehicle. >>> now, back to the other big national story, quite honestly, an international story at this point. secretary of state hillary clinton and david petraeus and
in america where the hoelp wantd listings are growing. now there's word chief of staff rahm emanuel could leave as early as next month to run for mayor of chicago. >> people ask me sort of how do i stay calm in my job. >> so does all this drama impact the president's agenda and his party's already shaking? jim dike is a veteran republican strategist. this is hardly the first white house shake-up covered by gloria borger. i want to start with the democrats. paul, rahm emanuel is a friend of yours. rahm emanuel is polling already in chicago. he knows ethically it would be a bad deal to stay inside the white house once he makes the decision if he starts organizing a campaign. all signs are yes, you don't have any doubt? >> well, he hasn't said, at least not to me, finally, informally, but he's never made it a secret. the two great dreams of ram's life is to be speaker or to be mayor of chicago. i think he's served him quite well. who could possibly, you know, who could stay in the way of him saying, mr. president, i've served you as best i can, now i want to go -- >> if rahm emanuel may leav
. megyn: i'm sorry trace, breaking news out of the white house where we expect rahm emanuel's departure is being announced. let's take a listen to robert gibbs. >> we will save the specifics for then and we'll be happy to get into a long conversation on that. i don't have any news on that. i read your paper, i've read a number of papers. i'm here to tell you the president will have a personal announcement tomorrow. at that point he will deliver that news. >> reports are correct? >> unintelligible. >> i'm not going to get into that. >> sometimes you make personal announcements, why is this not rising to the level of a personal announcement by the president? >> i -- without getting into what the announcement will be -- >> people listen to this, it sounds like a game, we are talking about rahm emanuel to run for the mayor of chicago. >> lynn, come up here, you should brief and -- look guys. >> i'm trying to move the ball along here. >> we all have deadlines, i understand that. i'm happy to talk about a whole host of subjects today. i am not going to move a whole lot on what i've already sa
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reports of a rahm emanuel run for a mayor of chicago and a new chief of staff in the white house, the president steps it up. >> if i said the sky is blue, they'd say no. if i said fish live in the say, they'd say no. they just think it's better to score political points before an election than to solve problems 37. >> that was an error if i said that. the arizona government finally admits there are not decapitated torsos dotting the arizona landscape. but she can't make sure that she said there were. >> our law enforcement agencies found bodies in the desert, either buried or loying out there that have balanced budget beheaded. >> worsts why are rupert murdoch and kim jong-il in business together? and the tragedy of health american insurance. cuyler has lost his battle with cancer. he was 5. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >> good evening from new york. images of tour chur at abu ghraib would cause anti-american sentiment and americans should heed the words of general petraeus. now he says a planned koran-burning will inflame anti-american sentiment. so where are
, however, for chief of staff rahm emanuel. president obama unveiling two new initiatives to boost the sluggish recovery. the first, $50 billion for transportation infrastructure, roads, railroads and airport runways. the six-year plan would be paid for by raising taxes on oil and gas companies. tomorrow the president will propose new tax breaks for businesses. republicans reacted true to form from house minority leader john of orange the white house has chosen to double down on more of the same failed stimulus spending. the man who would be speaker is expected to unveil his own party's plan for governing in the coming weeks. while the man who might have been president senator mccain said the obama administration was flailing around on the economy and the top priority should be to extend bush era tax cuts for everyone including the wealthiest 2% of the population. back then to president obama and how he would like to frame the choice for november. >> we have tried what they're peddling. we did it for ten years. we ended up with the worst economy since the 1930s and record deficits
to become likely voters. amid reports of a rahm emanuel run for mayor of chicago, and a new chief of staff in the white house, the president steps it up. >> if i said the sky was blue, they'd say no. if i said, fish live in the sea, they'd say no. they just think it's better to score political points before an election than to solve problems. >> that was an error if i said that. the governor of arizona finally admits there are not decapitated torsos dotting her state's landscape. but she can't be sure she said there were. >> oh, our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded. >> what about the headless bodies? >> worsts. why are rupert murdoch and kim jong-il in business together? and the tragedy of health america insurance versus kyler who has lost his battle with cancer. he was 5. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. during the iraq war republican politicians told americans that dissent would encourage a tax on u.s. troops abroad. that images of american torture in abu g
>>> president obama's chief of staff may have one foot out the door. rahm emanuel expected to announce friday he's stepping down so that he can run for his dream job, mayor of chicago. we have our suzanne malveaux traveling with the president this morning. she'll join us live with the latest on his departure. >>> seven former members of the u.s. air force claiming aliens in ufos have visited earth to deliver a warning. and they want the government to come clean. could it be that we have been visited by e.t.? >> hope so. >>> meantime, the a.m. fix blog is up and running. go to cnn.com/amfix. >>> we begin with a developing story out of iraq. an american service member now in custody suspected of fatally shooting two u.s. soldiers and wounding a third. >> military officials say they died in a "noncombat incident" in fallujah. barbara starr is live at the pentagon. this is a very, very tragic story. what are your sources telling you about what may have happened? >> well, john and kiran, this is the most terrible news for two military families, of course. the military announcing
hill today. -- a rally on capitol hill today. in news conferences scheduled concerning rahm emanuel future. what is expected to happen there. what is expected to happen there. >> four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. >> we're following the developing story of rahm emanuel's expected resignation. he is expected to confirm that he is running to be the mayor of chicago. president obama will hold a news conference tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. for what is being called a personnel announcement. his departure has been rumored for weeks, ever since longtime mayor richard daley said he would not be running for reelection. >> sarah palin has gotten a
. before that, ed, i want you to give me 30 seconds on news we're getting about rahm emanuel, the white house chief of staff maybe leaving even sooner than expected. >> reporter: that's right. big news, ali. two sources close to rahm emanuel now telling cnn that there's a good chance he's going to leave, step down as early as october. to focus full-time to focus on running for mayor. the bottom line, he's all but in. he's got deadlines coming up to get some signatures and get on the ballot by the end of november. we're expecting he's going to move full-time that pretty soon. he's working on a lot of senate business for the president. once they leave the door before the election, he's likely to go. the other piece of information, we should point out "time" magazine reported this story and we're confirming and adding a layer of detail that i'm hearing a white house deputy chief of staff is likely to be the acting chief of staff. not a done deal yet, but likely. why is that significant? this may happen so quickly they may not be able to get a full-time chief of staff up and running, they m
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